Online Branding

When To Say Silent And When To Open Your Mouth During Online Branding 

This has always been the million dollar question, especially when it comes to damage control of a brand. Some tend to worry that you are not saying enough. Some worry that you might have said too much. It’s always a double-edge sword.

online branding Something to keep in mind though is timing. There is a time and place to defend yourself. Every other time you are just lending your own name to malicious mud-slinging. If it’s for the sake of provocation and just to have something to say, than keeping silent is better.

Sometimes you will have an angry person who is just looking to cause a scene. If he or she feels they can get you and your brand involved, than this will lend to their cause. This only serves their purpose and agenda of bringing you down. Please do not engage here. It’s best to walk away. This might anger them even more, but it’s better than the alternative. Walking away will also save you and your brand from being burned at the stake even more.

The only time you should engage is when there is an actual complaint about something you are doing, saying or offering. Here is lies an actual cause and justification for standing up for yourself. When you do stand up for yourself, you have to do it with knowledge and conviction. If you don’t believe your own words and deeds, how can you expect anyone else to?