Managing Online Image- Part II

How To Manage Your Image Online In Today’s World Of Negative Branding And People Ripping Others Apart- Part Two

online branding Here’s one last thought for you guys to bare in mind. When you are living life online, nothing is ever going to be truly be private in your life. This is going to really suck for those who live a private life.

Once your brand is made public online, you are accountable to everyone who comes across your page. Post only the images you want to see posted. Post only the information you feel comfortable with sharing to the world.

All the rest of the stuff, try to keep to yourself. Nothing good comes from opening yourself up completely to others. You can’t control what others do and say, but you can control what you do. Please only post what you feel is necessary. If there are certain images or words that you don’t want others to see, choose how to accommodate this in the privacy settings.

Even when you live your life online or in public, anything you share can be used as ammo for some people. Please keep this in mind. Choose wisely.