How Entertainer Save Face By Managing Their Brand

Entertainers deal with bad publicity more than anyone else out there. Unfortunately, it comes with the territory. It’s the sad part of our culture. We build people up, only to knock them down. We get off on it for some strange reason.

So what does someone in the position do?

If your image is being called into question and you are dealing with the public, you have no choice but to try to save face. There are about 8 rules to dealing with your image during this time. If you are just starting out in the show business world, you might want to listen up. These tips will help you beat the odds. These guidelines will help you to save face and help your image survive, in spite of some of the odds. The best idea to eastablish a successful online image for a person or a brand is by working with an online reputation management agency.

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1) This is going to sound odd, but hear me out. Please avoid poking the internet bear. He is angry and vicious. He wants to get you involved. He wants to drag you down into the dirt. The best thing you can do is fight the battle head on. Do not argue with someone. Never use ALL CAPS when responding to someone. Never fight and insult with an insult. This all falls under the headline of “messing with the internet bear”.

Respond politely to what others are saying, but don’t get too involved. Learn when to walk away. If you sense at any time you are speaking with a troll, just leave them be. Allow your press agent or publicity person to handle the rough crowd for you. Never allow yourself to get personally involved.

2) Do not engage with every hater online. Some like to take each attack and approach it. This sort of works in theory, but it doesn’t really work out well. This is especially true for those who have over a hundred haters attacking them. Unless you have sufficient high ground to do so, stay silent.

You never want to let someone get the best of you. You also want to stand up for who you are and your brand. However, there comes a time when it becomes boring and tedious. Sometimes you have to leave a “hater” alone, letting him stew in his own juices. Sometimes positive light can not get rid of hate. be the better person. If there is someone specific that you are looking to reach out to, than do so tactfully. Outside of this though, you should not let yourself get involved.

digital marketing3) This sort of goes along with the second one. Sometimes being silent is a good thing. Especially when it comes to invalid attacks coming from invalid sources. Even if the attacks are somewhat valid in context, you should never let yourself get sucked in. Just let your press person handle it and walk away.

These people are looking for you to get involved. This is not a time to “get the last word in”. Many think it is and they take the wrong approach. Once you begin this process, it’s very difficult to leave. It becomes “like a race to hit the button” in a way. Unless you have reason to sound off and make a point, it’s better that you be quiet.

4) There is one simple formula to follow. If one person complains, chance are the person is wrong. If lots of people are complaining, chances are you could be wrong. If this is the case, than you should be listening. There is a difference between staying hearing and listening. Some are not capable of telling the difference.

It’s one thing to take it in and hear someone. It’s another thing to actually listen to what is being said. If you and your brand are actually at fault here, you need to pay attention to what the majority is saying to you.

Do not turn this off, please. Part of managing and controlling your brand is paying attention to what your fans are saying. If your fans are telling you there is a problem, chances are there is one. You just need to wake up and pay attention.

5) Look at this as a blessing. Sometimes bad press gives a person the chance to regroup and re-brand themselves. Don’t just look at this as something negative. Before light, you must go through the dark. Act like a human. Try to solve the problem as diligently as you can, even with the help of your press agent. There are many times where an angry and unhappy fan becomes a devoted fan. It happens a lot. Use this situation as a chance to do just this.

6) Sometimes directing the blame away from you is not always a good thing. This is something which is up to each person. Some prefer to blame someone else for their problems. It might misdirect the true blame for a while; but eventually, it will come back to you. Keep this in mind. The next time you throw someone under the boss for your mistakes, just know that it will come back to you.

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Karma has a way of rearing it’s ugly head when you least expect it. Trust me, I know. I have been there personally. Please learn from my mistakes. I might not be in the public eye, but I do work in the creative field. I learned this lesson the hard way when it came to my personal life. I don’t want to see the same thing happen to you guys. Please, don’t let karma bite you in the butt. If it’s your fault, own up to it and move on. Your fans are going to respect you more if you are honest about your mistakes.

7) Is going to court over something worth it? This is up to each of you individually. If the situation is right and you feel you need to be vindicated, then consider doing it. However, you should never do it in a bad way. In other words, don’t let it take control of you. Don’t turn into a bully over this. Just because someone is dragging your name into the mud, that does not mean you should meet them in the mud for a bath. Be the better person. Consider your options before going to court over something involving your image. Make sure that going to court is going to be beneficial for you on every end. Do not do this as just another “publicity stunt”, which many end up doing.

8) Sometimes the best way to get over a bad feeling is to keep going. Offer your fans something from your image. Offer them something that shows your good will and positive light. Sometimes the negativity is coming from unhappy people. They want to make everyone else miserable, including you. Keep going with your image and keep doing your thing. If you show them they are not getting to you, than after a while they will go away. They will go and pick no someone else.